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Designed to take full advantage of its spatial limitations, the head office of Sydney Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, also known as SCCR, is resourcefully packed with an abundance of office and warehouse spaces, including a storage factory, open and private workspace areas, a kitchenette, a stunning reception.


Adorned with a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling greenery wall and a bronze, laser-cut logo and custom cladding alongside it, the reception and company branding becomes the perfect combination of striking, eye-catching, and grounding. Sitting in front of this impressive back wall is the custom reception desk, a quaint working space that is embellished with fluting details along its timber veneer and black joinery elements. LED lighting adds a subtle, yet luxurious touch to the reception and can be seen highlighting the company logo, greenery, and staircase hand rail that leads to the upstairs workspaces.


The same textures, colours, and tones have been carried from the reception and into the open workspace area and two private offices. Greenery has been situated above workstations and in pot plants scattered throughout the office, as well as green tones and textures woven into furniture items and artworks. To reduce clutter on top of desks or beside employee’s feet as they work, the computer towers have all been concealed within the timber veneer joinery with adequate ventilation through meshed grills. Similarly, timber veneer battens cleverly distract from and provides a partition to the entrance to the staff toilet. For an added layer of privacy, sheer curtains have been placed within one of the private offices – a chic design solution that provides our client with adequate natural light when drawn in.


Penrith, Sydney


Currently in Construction


Interior Design, Furniture

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