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Project Santorini Charm by Alicia Xiberras Interiors is a magnificent family home inspired by Grecian culture, colours and textures. Combined with the home’s striking architectural elements, a unique fusion of natural and modern design styles is created. Nestled amongst the stunning beachside landscape, the contemporary Australian design twist, is accented.


The open plan spaces in the home such as the kitchen, living and dining are ideal for family gatherings, another element of the home’s design embracing Greek culture and traditions. The inclusion of an open staircase and architectural void flood the home with natural light, a key requirement of achieving a bright and natural design style.


The selection of polished concrete, clay light fittings, mosaic feature tiles and olive trees mimic the colours and textures seen on the streets of Santorini. This contemporary family home is shaped through its need for functionality, with the AXI team working to every available millimetre of space. Spatial planning and signature custom joinery creates a comfortable, human-centred design, without compromising on style.


Brighton Le Sands, Sydney


Construction Completed 2020


Interior Design


The Palm Co. 


Real Living Magazine

AXI Sans Souci WR-.jpg
AXI Sans Souci WR-2620.jpg
AXI Sans Souci WR-2871.jpg
AXI Sans Souci WR-2869.jpg
AXI Sans Souci WR-2859.jpg
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