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Nothing breathes life into interiors like an abundance of contrasting velvets, classical wainscoted walls, brass accents, and phenomenal statement pieces. Introducing La Belle Cosmetics; a luxurious medi-spa located in Sydney’s sunny suburb of Bella Vista.


Rippling natural light seeps through the reception area’s large floor to ceiling windows, creating intricate shadows that warmly greets clients as they step through the front door. La Belle Cosmetic’s laser cut brass logo can be seen proudly sitting above its one-of-a-kind reception desk that has been ordained with a regal marble, fit out with showstopping gold veins and contrasting white tones. Striking artworks, statement chandeliers and wall pendants, and lavish furniture items have been coordinated with the magnificent atmosphere in which the La Belle Cosmetics brand is all about.


These same interior accents, components and materials are featured throughout the bathroom, an opulently designed space perfect for selfies. No detail has been overlooked, as the natural stone tiled flooring showcases a custom brass inlay, taking the design one step further into complete and utter extravagance. In contrast, the consultation room has been designed to encapsulate a cosy, comfortable ambience for La Belle Cosmetics’ clients. The subtle combination of custom-built joinery, LED lighting, and herringbone flooring achieves this whilst simultaneously capturing the grand essence of the reception, bathroom, and company brand.

Read below to hear how the client's design vision was brought to life...


Bella Vista, Sydney


Construction Completed 2023


Interior Design, Furniture, Styling and Florals


The Palm Co &

Simon Whitbread


La Belle Cosmetics

"Every facet of this design narrative bears the mark of Alicia Xiberras Interiors, a visionary whose touch has transformed this space into a haven of aesthetic refinement. Elegance and charm radiate from every corner, a testament to the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and artistry."

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