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A barber shop with a fun, opulent twist to its interiors; House of Cut-tel is a luxurious enterprise with old school, traditional undertones. This gentleman’s salon is jam packed with a stunning waiting area, barber stations, washroom, and yes, a whiskey bar – all of which have been meticulously placed within the premises to optimise spatial planning and workflow of clients and employees.


The aesthetic of this modernised, antique-like interior heavily relied on the execution and contrast between material selections. Two types of natural marble with varying, ravishing red and white tones make up a crucial aspect of the foundation of the design, as seen on the barber station countertop and as the backboard to custom timber veneer display joinery. These deep rouge colours are again captured within the velvet armchairs and intricate mosaic flooring detail of the waiting area, both of which are subsequently complimented by surrounding brass hues from various furniture items and lighting elements, as well as the worn-out leather of the barber chairs, scattered throughout the establishment.


Numerous bespoke, avant-garde interior features initiate the new-age, contemporary twist seen throughout House of

Cut-tel – hand-woven, meshed decorative grilles, eccentric pendant light installations, and the completely customised, eye-catching wall mural each add stylish elements of personality and branding. The finished ambience of this luxury interior exudes opulence, individualism, and charisma – the perfect setting to freshen up one’s appearance. 


Sydney, New South Wales


Currently in Construction


Interior Design, Furniture and Decor


English Tapware Inspiration

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