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Inspired by our client’s Middle Eastern heritage, Hadiqua is an enchanting, soulful venture that provides its guests with an escape from the city and suburbs to a bountiful, outdoor garden-like restaurant. The package Alicia Xiberras Interiors provided to Hadiqua consisted of interiors and branding, including the concepts and designs for the logo, crockery, uniforms, and menus, creating a consistent and balanced touch for the company as a whole.


The interiors included a variety of earthy tones, textures, and colours that were mindfully combined and layered in an intricate, whimsical manner to emulate feelings of being transported to the other side of the world. Traditional Moroccan rugs, terracotta kit kat tiles, and polished concrete flooring and walls are juxtaposed against the neutral, organic shapes of bench seating, tables, and chairs, as well as a dispersed assortment of hanging and potted greenery.


The external façade and terrace of Hadiqua is a cultivated garden paradise. Botanic features such as lemon trees, shrubbery, and vines create a serene, tranquil essence that flows back into the restaurant. Garden lanterns, fairy lights, spotlights and LED lighting highlight stone pathways, water fountains, archways, and of course, the Hadiqua logo. When daytime becomes night, the aura of this peaceful establishment transforms into a captivating, blissful utopia that we cannot get enough of.


Sydney, New South Wales


Currently in Construction


Interior Design, Exterior and Landscaping, Furniture, Styling

final render outdoor.jpg
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