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Located west of Sydney within Castlereagh, Elliot Estate is not only an extraordinary family home, but also a realm of unparalleled comfort and elegance. Consisting of a combination of inviting hues and thoughtful design details, users are enticed to unwind and revel within its embrace.


Drawing from a palette of warm, earth-toned hues, the home’s walls and furniture are completely enveloped in a symphony of browns, beiges, and reds. The kitchen, master bedroom, and rumpus room each bathe in the gentle glow from the natural sunlight that cascades inside through the surrounding, large-scale windows. This ambience is further enriched and infused by strategically placed accent LED lighting, opulent wall sconces, discreet downlights, and statement lighting fixtures as they come together to further emit the interior in an aura of tranquillity and serenity.


Within the kitchen, the bespoke island counter seamlessly melds with the communal dining table, allowing residents to effortlessly unite both culinary practices and social interactions. This custom designed piece boasts a gorgeous natural stone, both in the form of grand slabs and delicate fluted detailing, adding a radiant, sophisticated charm that can be seen repeated throughout the home. Organic forms and shapes play a deliberate role in the interior architecture and furniture, together creating a striking juxtaposition against refined textures of natural stone, terrazzo flooring, and hardwood joinery craftsmanship.


Castlereagh, Sydney


Currently in Construction


Interior Design, Furniture

Rumpus Bar.jpg
Master Bedroom.jpg
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