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Introducing Booby Tape HQ, a glamorous, eclectic head office for the globally renowned one-stop-shop brand for breast accessory solutions. Owners and entrepreneurs, Bridgett and Bianca Roccisano, came to Alicia Xiberras Interiors with a vision to bring their brand to life; the end result is a collection of interiors reflecting the business’s fun, pink, chic style and personality.


Each room has been designed to suit the needs of the brand, focusing on an ‘Instagram-able’ reception and selfie-station, a private conference room, and its very own custom glam lab for in-house photoshoots. Luxurious fixtures and finishes have been implemented into this design alongside a myriad of custom elements such as the statement curved reception desk, bold velvet furniture items, and of course, the striking ‘drip’ neon LED feature.


Pink has been injected into every crevice, surface, and detail that in turn gives the head office a lively, unique take on a luxury commercial interior. A stunning pink natural stone was sourced to be utilised within the reception desk, as well as varying complimenting pink tones seen throughout lighting fixtures, fabrics, and wall and ceiling surfaces – crucial branding elements that cannot be missed that consequently successfully communicate Booby Tape’s individuality.


Melbourne, Victoria


Construction Completed 2022


Interior Design, Furniture 

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