Instant Interior Packages

1. Instant Interior package prices and costing takes into consideration industry knowledge, industry experience and AXI's ability to streamline the specification and interior selection process. Prices listed on website include GST. 

2. The materials, fixtures and fittings suggested within the AXI Instant Interiors concepts do not take the budget of each individual client into consideration. In the event where an alternative material, fixture or fitting is required for purchase, AXI suggests using the concepts boards as a guide to match a similar product. 

3. The images provided in the Concept Boards and FFE schedule act as a guideline only, to provide a feel and mood for the intended design aesthetic. Material images in your FFE schedule and concept boards may not be a true representation of the actual material. It is the client’s duty of care to ensure they are satisfied with the product via suggested images and specifications.

4. The exact quantities and measurements of all materials are the responsibility of the client (or the client’s builder or trades person). The FFE schedule provided will not specify exact quantity of materials needed for each individual client's project.

5. Correct installation and understanding of products specified by AXI is the responsibility of the client (or the client's builder or trades person). AXI is not responsible for incorrect installation or end use of any product purchased with the assistance of our Instant Interior concepts. 

6. Whilst AXI strives to ensure that all products we specify are in stock, please note that due to rapid changes in the industry products may be on back-order. In the case of back-order where a product is needed quickly, please use the Instant Interior concept boards as a guide and match with a similar alternative.


7. Whilst AXI strives to ensure that all products are in stock, please note that due to rapid changes in the industry, products may become discontinued. In the case of discontinuation, please notify AXI staff who will assist in offering an alternative selection.

8. Please note that textile samples included in the Gold and Platinum flat lay images and videos are colour and material suggestions only and are exclusive additions to the VIP Instant Interior concept boards and FFE schedules. Any Gold or Platinum Instant Interior package owners who would like to discuss colour and textile options can do so with an AXI design team representative at an additional rate. 

Instant Interior Consultations

1. Both Platinum and VIP Instant Interior packages include a 45-minute online Zoom consultation with an AXI design team representative. The AXI team works collaboratively and often multiple members of the team work on every project. An online consultation with an AXI designer is not included in the Gold package option.

2. After purchasing a Platinum or VIP Instant Interior package, an AXI team representative will contact the client via phone call the next business day to book in a time for the Zoom consultation. In the event of no contact from the AXI team within this time frame, please get in touch with our team during business hours via phone on 0404 277 266. AXI's business trading hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST. All online Zoom consults will need to secure a spot in the AXI calendar no later than a fortnight after Instant Interior package purchase. 

3. During the online Zoom meeting, AXI's Instant Interiors concept will be presented, discussed and adapted as required for the client's space. This is an informal process and discussion between client and designer where ideas are collated and presented.

4. If at any time during the Zoom consultation there are any issues or concerns, the client must raise the immediately with the AXI team member they are consulting with.

5. For VIP package clients only, selected concepts and FFE schedule will be sent to the clients after the Zoom consultation within an agreed time frame. The Instant Interior concept will be selected during the Zoom consultation with acceptance by the client. Two additional selections, pre-selected by the client and designer during the consultation will also be sent along with the concept boards and FFE schedule.

6. Please note that if the Zoom consultation exceeds the 45 minute time frame included in the Platinum and VIP Instant Interior packages, this will be charged at an additional cost of $180/hour. 

7. The VIP Instant Interior package includes 30 minutes of AXI studio time to make selections, amendments or additions to the Instant Interior concept selected as AXI sees fit and discussed within the Zoom consultation. Please note that any additional amendments or selections which exceed the Instant Interior scope of work will be charged at an additional cost.

VIP Sample Package

1. After a VIP Zoom consult, samples from the FFE schedule will generally be provided unless unavailable from our suppliers. Samples are indicative only, and may vary as batches change. If available in your location, AXI recommends visiting a showroom for best results.

2. The samples in our VIP sample package include stone, tile, carpet, paint finishes, floorboards and timber. AXI cannot provide samples of fixtures, hardware, rugs, wallpapers, fabrics, door and skirting profiles. 

Social Media and Promotional Use

1. AXI will use design content and photography of the design project without limitation, for the purposes of advertising, public display, design competitions and social media. Confidential information will not be disclosed, revealed or reported for any use unless authorised by the client or required under law.

2. AXI has a positive social media presence and in no way will accept any negativity on our social platforms. AXI reserves the right to delete or report such posts or comments as AXI sees fit.


1. All documentation produced by AXI is owned by AXI and protected by Copyright Law. The client must not copy, reproduce, display or otherwise distribute any of the intellectual property in whole or in part without our prior written consent. Clients are not permitted to take photographs or videos of presentations, product samples or supplier details unless authorised by the Designer.


1. AXI will not be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of products or trades due to circumstances outside our control or influence, including acts of Coronavirus, fire, flood, international shipping and customs delays.